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Beginners Flamenco Dance



You will be able to be expressive in your dance and deliver technical and intricate movements with fluidity.


Our adult flamenco dance classes provide a welcoming and supportive environment for beginners like you to discover the passion and beauty of this art form.

About Flamenco Dance:

Originating from the Andalusian region of Spain, flamenco is a mesmerizing dance style characterized by intricate footwork, powerful movements, and soulful music. It's a blend of dance, music, and emotional expression that will ignite your senses and captivate your heart.

Our Classes:

In our adult flamenco dance classes, we cater specifically to beginners, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and supported on their flamenco journey. Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching and have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by adult beginners.

You'll learn the fundamental footwork patterns, known as "zapateado," and graceful hand movements, called "braceo." We'll guide you through the essential rhythms and structures of flamenco music, known as "compás," which form the backbone of this vibrant dance style.

Flamenco dance offers numerous physical and mental benefits. Through precise footwork and expressive movements, you'll improve your coordination, balance, and flexibility. The energetic nature of flamenco also provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout, helping you stay fit and healthy.

Beyond the physical benefits, flamenco dance is a powerful form of self-expression. As you delve into the emotions and soul of the dance, you'll gain confidence and develop your personal style. You'll discover the rich cultural heritage behind flamenco, connecting with its history and traditions.


Whether you're looking for a new hobby, a means of artistic expression, or simply an exciting way to stay active, our adult flamenco dance classes are the perfect choice. No previous dance experience is required, as we welcome beginners with open arms.

Come and join our vibrant community of adult flamenco dancers. Explore the rhythms, movements, and music that make flamenco so enchanting. Unleash your passion and discover the beauty within yourself through the power of flamenco.


What to wear

Comfortable clothes. You will also need a flair skirt and heels shoes, or character shoes.

Don't forget your water bottle.

Students feedbacks

Angela H

Angelo is such a fantastic teacher! Forget Pineapple and Danceworks; come here, and get a teacher who cares about you. 


Rocio H

Fantastic school! The teachers are super professional and dedicated; they really care about their students and focus on technique. The environment is fantastic, super friendly. There are different dance styles and all levels, from beginners to advanced. There is a class for anybody who loves dancing and wants to learn! I recommend it.


Luciana C

I love the time I spend at the school, the teachers - Angelo and Cindy - are very professional. The classes are never dull, besides the exercises, we also prepare shows at any time. This is quite unusual but just precisely what I was looking for! Great school!



Anjaili L

Great school! Professional teachers have, friendly environment, I'm feeling being cared for at all times! And they provide a chance to perform in public!


Alessandra M

Fantastic studio! The teachers are great, if you want to study proper ballet JUST COME HERE!




“ECD gave me so much: a dancer’s vocabulary, working knowledge of steps that actually come up in auditions and most of all a passion for self-expression through movements.” 


—  Joe Leather - Lead vocalist in Frankie’s Guys, Ms Balmoral/Potters Theatre Company

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