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Improve your posture and balance, develop athletically, improve your grace and poise and meet the technical demands of ballet technique.

Intensive Dance Programme

A 12 WEEK intensive training course in various dance skills. IMPROVE YOUR LIFESTYLE and unlock your potential.

This course focused on technique only.


FEE £450 + Free pass for all the evening classes we host during the week.

Course Dates

IDP 1-2  Sunday 23 January 2022 - Sunday 10 April 2022 (4:00pm - 8:15 pm ) (Total Beginners). 

IDP 3-4  Saturday 22 January 2022 - Saturday 9 April 2022  (4:00pm - 8:15 pm ) 

Maximum 12  people


12 Weeks Course

All Levels

  • Ballet Technique

  • Lyrical Jazz Technique

  • Contemporary Technique

  • Choreography and Composition

  • Tap Dance

Improve your lifestyle

We believe what makes dancers is their passion and heart. It doesn’t matter if you have daily jobs in offices or in other industries; what matters is your inner aspirations for dancing and performing. You will re-discover what is inside of you and let your talent shine. Upon completing this course, you will be able to join ECD as a part-time dancer.

During the 12 weekends, you will go through rigorous dance training that builds up body posture and strength. We continuously hear from our current IDP students that not only do they improve their dance skills and body figures, they also reach a new level in their confidence and lifestyles.

What you will do

This programme is structured for beginners to advanced, offering five levels of training. Providing grounding in all dance styles you will complete a final exam to put into practice what you have learnt on the course.

For each level, you will be presented with a comprehensive syllabus in major dance styles; completed with a final assessment by industry professionals to give you personal feedback based on your personality, strength and inspiration. Furthermore, we believe that on-stage performance experience is the best way to develop your confidence, creativity and charisma. Therefore, IDP course gives you opportunities to perform in real show productions across London.


You will be granted a certificate in Dance entitled by ECD.


Students Feedback:


I've been to almost every dance school in London before I found and settled here. This place is perfect if you're looking to actually learn how to dance. The other schools just cater to people who have been doing it since they were 10. All the teachers here are technique-oriented. So you'll walk away with a skill every time and can note progress. Performance opportunities for everyone and humour make this one of the most fun places. The studio has a family feel - far from cliquey.

I love the IDP, I feel I can actually feel myself getting better. Other schools seem to suck you into endless routines and choreography- it can be fun- but ultimately depressing when tons of money and time later you haven't learned anything.

This is a smart fun approach to dancing and really is one of a kind in London. Great for beginners and advanced. 

The location is easy- it's 1 stop from the bank and around the corner from Canary wharf.


Naomi S

This is such a wonderful dance school. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming and the classes facilitate a wide range of danceability. There is a great emphasis on technique alongside freedom in creativity and expression. The instruction is so personal and directive so you can feel encouraged and also know how to improve. You get to meet lots of really lovely people and take part in fabulous shows. It's really special to be a part of - highly recommend!


Rocio H

Fantastic school! The teachers are super professional and dedicated, they really care about their students and focus on technique. The environment is amazing, super friendly. There are different dance styles and all levels from beginners to advanced. There is a class for anybody who loves dancing and wants to learn! I definitely recommend it.


Ella G

I have been dancing at ECD for more than a year. It's such an amazing experience! Not only you can learn all different kinds of dance, you even got the chance to perform periodically. The teachers are absolutely wonderful - very professional in terms of dance and easy going after class. One thing I didn't expect when I sign up for the class is that the reward can even be friendship and love!



Just finished IDP level 1 and absolutely enjoyed it! The teachers are all amazing and pushed us to our full potential, showing us what we all can do. A truly life-changing experience. I learned so much and can't wait to start the 2nd level!


Your Instructors


Angelo Ruggieri: Ballet


Valeria Famularo: Contemporary

Diletta Cianciotta:

Jazz & Tap

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“RDA gave me so much: a dancer’s vocabulary, working knowledge of steps that actually come up in auditions and most of all a passion for self-expression through movements.” 


—  Joe Leather - Lead vocalist in Frankie’s Guys, Ms Balmoral/Potters Theatre Company