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5 reasons why dancing is good

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Running, doing yoga and dancing is good. We often say this to ourselves and we promise to join the gym, go for a run, go to the mountains, do exercises at home, do yoga as soon as we wake up ... The truth is that we rarely do it (real enthusiasts apart), a bit because we are convinced that we lack time. But the main reason is that we often don't find the right activity for us.

We've tried them all: swimming, "the complete sport", but then you have to be careful about the regrowth of unwanted hair, chlorine dries your hair and no, in costume you don't feel at ease; fit boxing, it seemed like a good idea to release tension and keep fit, but the jumps destroy your knees and punching a bag is not as you imagined; piloga, because pilates is complicated and yoga bores you, but together you just don't know which way to take them ...

Then one day you remember that as a child you liked to dance, even if your parents have never enrolled you in dance. And then you try and discover that yes, you feel ridiculous because you are no longer 13 years old and you learn more slowly, you are uncoordinated, embarrassed, you come back perhaps full of bruises ... but you are fine. And that's the most important thing. Because the goal is not to become étoile, but to get out of the monotony of work at the PC, get out of the head and enter the body.

Dancing is good, whether in class, one evening with friends, your break in mid-afternoon with the music you prefer and the family that looks at you with an eyebrow raised (but who knows that dancing is the only way allows you not to become a serial killer).

And so, here are 5 reasons why dancing is good:

1 - It is good for the body: dancing makes us sweat and burn calories, dancing we move a bit everything and it is possible to tone more muscles simultaneously. Dancing allows us to stay in the body, to know it better, to overcome our limitations.

2 - It is good for the mind: the more you practice, the better the coordination. Learning new steps and choreography allows us to train our memory and keep our brain from aging.

3 - Reduces stress: when we dance the mind clears itself of a thousand daily thoughts and focuses on the present. An hour of dancing is an hour of oxygen from everyday life. Furthermore, physical activity produces endorphins, which immediately make us feel good.

4 - Improves self-esteem: perhaps at the beginning it is traumatic, one feels awkward and awkward, but continuing to practice and not throwing in the towel will allow us to be proud of ourselves, to increase that self-esteem a little. we treat it as we should.

5 - It introduces us to new people: in the gym, in a course, in a club, dancing is a vehicle of communication and leads us to meet new people who probably feel like us at that moment. And if you dance at home, expect the ringing of the tenant downstairs when you jump into the Flash dance!

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