Classical dance for adults, helps tone the body and regain mobility

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Classical dance for adults is a complete sport that can help us tone the body and regain the mobility and flexibility of the muscles.

Classical dance for adults

Fouetté, developpé, relevé! For some of us, those who have dreamed of a future at the Bolshoi, these words are music, for others, those that have been dragged by their mothers, are a real nightmare, yet they are coming back into fashion and with them the whole world of ballet. Yes, because classical dance is becoming the new trend even for ladies over 40, even more so for them. The reason? Clothing is glamorous, gait is elegant and ballet tones and relaxes like few other sports. Not only that, ballet is a passion that can be lived outside the narrow world of the dance studio. If classical dance seems too quiet, try your hand at something more lively, such as zumba or pole dance, or to discover another culture, try ori